On healing


What it does

Healing clears blockages of the mind and of the heart, in order to enable you to truly live from the heart.


How it works

Sessions can be carried out over the phone or at my practice. If you choose to have a telephone consultation, we will set a date and a time, and we will meet through telephone contact obviously, but otherwise the healing session will be carried through much as if I were sitting in front of you.


I make contact with your personality in its entirety – I am your mirror. This enables me to feel what is blocking you, what tensions there are inside of you. Through our points of contact, these tensions are then drained and released. This is done by funneling them through my body, creating space for you to breathe and look around you with a clear vision. You will feel lighter, less cluttered and weighed down, both mentally and physically, as if someone came and cleared and aired your body and mind.


Rather than to have your life path defined and blocked by fears, the insight you gain will ultimately allow you to make your own choices and live your life freely. You will find that you are brooding less, and that you are ever more in touch with what truly motivates you. In the beginning you may feel tired the day after a healing session, but as you are gaining ground, you will find the sessions leave you refreshed and replenished.



Maya Smeenk

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