What clients say


‘Since my breakdown last year, Maya Smeenk has been my biggest support. She contributed in a major way to my recovery. Time and again she would listen to me recounting my story, and then would simply make me see how to put things in a different perspective.

Through her tremendous life experience, her intimate understanding of people and her spiritual gift, her methods for helping and healing never fail to hit the mark.


I regularly read back on the tips she gave me, and when I think back on the healings I experienced through her, as I often do, they still amaze me: I had never felt such powerful energy run through me in my life. Afterwards I always felt like heaps of rubbish had been swept away, and I was strong enough to cope. She has helped me through so many moments when life just didn’t seem worth living, she has taught me so much, I can’t tell you how grateful I am!’


- Kirsten  




‘Dear Maya,

You have the special talent to look beyond my outside and see me for who I really am. You seem to touch on and remove everything that keeps me from being me – often things I’m only partly aware of or not aware at all.


You bring them up for me to see and feel them, then you run them through me and dispose of them. We clear everything away which no longer serves me, and then you end your therapy session with White Time Healing, so the ‘energetic holes’, as I call them, left by these spring-cleaning-like efforts, are filled up with something inexpressably warm and healing, a gentleness that connects.


I like to see you as a spiritual midwife, assisting at my transformation process as if I were a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly – with such enthusiasm and ready acceptance I can’t wait to spread my wings.

My heartfelt thanks to you!’


- John




‘Unbearable headaches lasting from thirty minutes up to four hours, day in, day out, and even at night. I tried everything: my gp, medication, homeopathy, acupuncture etc etc. After six months of utter misery,

I stumbled across – though some stumps seem placed on your path on purpose, don’t they – White Time Healing.


What a true revelation this has been. My health improved, life improved, with every healing session. After two months I was doing so much better I didn’t need any more follow-up appointments. Such joy, such a change, such a relief! I can breathe again. Maya, thank you!’


- Sjef




‘A few years back I had several intracranial bleeds. They left me feeling as if my head was filled up with cottonwool, which made it impossible for me to get through my day with any semblance of functionality.


Since I’ve started with Maya’s healing sessions, my mind has cleared and I feel a lot better. Also my blood levels have stabilised. I only need check-ups now once every seven weeks, which used to be once a week.

Still I regularly schedule appointments, because they leave me feeling refreshed.’


- Jan




‘I came to Maya when I was having a burnout. She always knew how to center me so I was back in touch with my vitality. She also gives wonderful advice en knows just what therapy will benefit me most.

I am very happy with her healings, I wouldn’t have gotten my strength back this quickly without her.


With her, you will be in extremely good hands. I regularly come back for healing sessions, simply because they do me good.’


- Caroline




‘Maya’s White Time Healing for me is utterly relaxing, and it often brings me the most marvellous experiences. At times I feel so relaxed I fall asleep, at other times they seem to open up my senses. For instance, the very first time Maya gave me a healing, I sensed I was being carried by six angels. White Time Healing makes me more aware, feeling free and centered at the same time. To me it is about letting go, seeing clearly and daring to follow up on that clarity, because ultimately, the steps are all yours to take. In gratitude.’


- Yvonne


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