About me


My name is Maya, I was born in Colombia forty-three years ago, and am now living in The Netherlands. I have a wonderful four-year-old son, and my partner is my biggest ally.


When I was three months old, I was adopted, and though I grew up in a loving home and my childhood has been a happy one, being adopted in large part defined my life.


I was a very sensitive child, highly strung, with no notion of how to deal with the intense loneliness, the need for recognition and the sense of emptiness that gripped me. The relationships I entered into weren’t always of the wholesome kind, and at times I have been subject to violence. Seeking comfort in addiction was a recurring theme in my life.


In order to provide, I was always pushing the limit at work. A second burn-out had me hit rock-bottom and proved to be my turning point: I wanted inner peace, I wanted freedom from within, and I decided to work on myself to achieve both, in other words, to heal myself. The thing that helped me most, was the courage to go inwards, to sense my way to my fears instead of running away from them and ducking them.


After years of courses and training in healing I found the key to a free life to be in my own heart: the answers to all my questions, the understanding that I am my own source, that everything is there to be found in my own heart, even the never-ending universe.


I dearly wish to help you using my knowledge and understanding – because no matter what path in life you followed: having the courage to see yourself for who you truly are, is the most beautiful gift you can ever give yourself. You’ll be able to live from the heart again!

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Teacher White Time level 3

UWTH Teacher for children level 1

Teacher White Time level 2

Access The Bars

The Board of Angels

The Board of Knowledge 1 and 2

Teacher White Time level 1

Mediumship 1 to 4

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Multiple-Merkaba techniques

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Maya Smeenk

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